The Ads Next Performance Program is based on the principle that data and results should drive the direction and strategy of a business website. From time-to-time clients have inquired about SEO services that they have come across which claim to “boost” search engine rankings using a special software or a secret approach. While some of these programs can have a benefit, it is typically only short term because they go against the purpose of an organic search result. Google’s primary goal is to match the searches of its customers with the most relevant websites available. So best thing you can do for your site it to determine what searches are going to drive new customers to you and build out your site and its content to match those searches.

A strong SEO campaign should be like a sound diet and exercise plan. A crash diet or working out for 12 hours per day is likely to drive short term results, but generally it is not healthy or sustainable. As Google’s systems get more sophisticated it will be more important for businesses to focus on a sustainable approach that conforms to the principles of the search engines.

Here is an excellent article that appeared in the Wall Street Journal on May 16, 2012. The article details the negative impact a short term SEO approach can have on a small business. If you have any questions about SEO and how to insure your website uses a strategy friendly to search engines feel free to contact us for more information.  Read More


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