Brian Burns, founder and president of Ads Next, and Bill Mulcahy, vice president of Ads Next, sat down with Alex Nottingham of the All-Star Dental Academy for the latest edition of the Dental All Stars Podcast. The three discussed the concept of “revenue generating websites”, which is the focus and specialty of Ads Next.

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Revenue Generating Websites – Interview Recap

It’s a marketing tool, not a piece of art
Brian encourages dentists to not just think about how the website is going to look or what features it’s going to have, but what can the website do for your practice and how can it generate new patients and revenue for your business.

Your website needs to deliver in multiple areas to achieve results
When a dentist is thinking about his or her website and how it can help acquire new patients, Bill says it’s helpful to think the acquisition process in three basic parts: search, evaluation and conversion. The search phase, he says is “can someone find you on the web.” Here’s where you need to concentrate on Search Engine Optimization, Paid Advertising (such as Pay Per Click) and Local Listings (such as Google maps). The evaluation phase is where someone has found your site and now they’re trying to compare you to other dentists. The website design matters in this phase, as does the messaging and features, along with several other factors. This is the part of the process where making an emotional connection is very important. The last phase is the conversion, and this is when the patient makes the decision to call or email the practice.

It’s not about competing, it’s about standing out
There are several ways you can stand out during the evaluation stage, Brian says, including:

  • Responsive website design
  • Video and photography
  • Modern design elements and effects

Brian and Bill explain in more detail how Ads Next is on the leading edge of dental website design with responsive design being standard on all new websites, along with implementation of HTML5 techniques, parallax scrolling and one page website design.

Best advice for finding an internet marketing company
Alex asks Bill what advice he has for dentists when they’re choosing an internet marketing partner. Defining expectations, Bill says, is probably the most important thing a dentist can do. He suggests defining:

  • Website design expectations – what do you want it to look like? what features do you want it to have?
  • Performance goals – how many new patients are you expecting to get each month from your website?
  • Communication – what level of communication to you expect from your internet marketing vendor? Both in terms of frequency and depth of reporting

Internet marketing isn’t a perfect science, says Bill, but at the end of the day, Ads Next makes a promise that we will work together with our clients to achieve the results they are looking for. You’re not just signing up with an internet marketing company, you’re signing up with a partner.

Learn More About Dental Marketing on the Internet

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