Mobile Websites for DentistWhen it comes to mobile access to the Internet, the statistics are truly staggering. In order to be competitive, all businesses need to keep mobile websites in mind. That’s just as true for dentists as it is for anyone else. There are currently more than 4 billion mobile devices being used in the world, and there are approximately 1.2 billion active mobile broadband subscriptions. The number of people who access the Internet through mobile devices has doubled since 2010. Today, 10 percent of those who access the Internet do so through smartphones and other mobile devices. If you don’t have a mobile site for your dental practice, you are missing out on a lot of business.

Don’t be Invisible

More and more people are using smartphones and other mobile devices to access the Internet. It’s convenient, fast and easy. They use their mobile devices to search for goods and services of all kinds. It should come as no surprise that many people use their smartphones to search for dentists near them. If your competitor has a mobile website but you don’t, they are probably getting a lot more business than you are. After all, you will essentially be invisible without a well-designed mobile website.

Regular Websites and Mobile Devices

While it’s true that regular websites can be accessed through mobile devices, the problem is that they aren’t designed with optimal mobile performance in mind. Regular computers and laptops can load large websites with ease. Mobile devices often struggle to open regular websites, and several elements are lost in the translation as well. If your site uses Flash, for instance, it isn’t appearing properly for people who use iPhones and iPads. If your site won’t load on a person’s mobile device, or if it loads but doesn’t look right, he will probably click away to a site that is optimized for the mobile web.

You shouldn’t feel overwhelmed about having a mobile website created for your dental office. Ads Next can use your existing website as the basis for a new, mobile website. The mobile version of your site will perform optimally on smartphones and other mobile devices. It can also be designed to take advantage of mobile devices’ GPS features. People who are searching for dentists in your area will be able to find you with ease. It’s a cost-effective way to enhance your visibility and to get the attention that you deserve.


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