Social Media for dentistMost in the past would ask friends for recommendations when in need of dental care, but a growing number of people are using the Internet to find local services. Dentists are often gaining their new patients because of Internet searches.

A website is the centerpiece on an online strategy. The website comes up when users search for dentists in a particular region, and an attractive website with appropriate search engine optimization increases the likelihood of customers choosing a particular practice. The popularity of social media, however, is forming another important piece to the puzzle, and dentists need to ensure that their social media presences are strong to continue to succeed online.

It is difficult to make a personal connection with traditional websites. Even websites with pictures and personal statements only partially effective; while these websites are great at reaching new customers, more can be done. Social media gives dentists the ability to add personal touches in a manner that websites cannot replicate.

Facebook is the reigning king of social media, and a Facebook page is a crucial tool. Websites are great for establishing a brand, but Facebook can be used to reinforce this brand image. Patients and potential patients will see updates posted from the account, and those who see the account will keep the practice’s name in mind when thinking about seeing a dentist.

Social media also allows dentists to interact with potential patients. Users will often turn to a dentist for questions that arise, and the Facebook page allows dentists to interact with followers. By answer questions, a dentist increases his or her reputation; these interactions may also be viewable by the public, and the advertising value of demonstrating helpful interactions cannot be matched by any form of advertising.

Dentists can also share information relevant to dentistry through their pages, and good information is likely to be shared by followers. Once this information is shared, everyone who follows the person who shared the information will see it. These helpful interactions are an effective advertisement for one’s services, and they may lead a patient to call the office when they are in need of dental services.

Social media is only expected to become more popular, and the reach of social media has crossed generations to include those in demographics that do not typically use the Internet. By harnessing this power with reputable social media experts, a dentist can use social media to improve his or her online presence.

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