Having worked in the website and online marketing fields for more than a decade, I have had the experience of seeing different philosophies and approaches to websites and internet marketing.

As the founder and President of Ads Next, I combined my experience with the talents of my team to build the best “solution” for our clients. We believe that a successful marketing strategy must include a great looking website.

The A La Carte Approach

Most businesses will take an a la carte approach to marketing themselves. This means hiring separate companies to build your website, handle your search engine marketing, run a social media campaign, etc. While it seems like you’ll have more control over each step of the process, most businesses end up missing out on their full marketing potential.

Logically, the first thing a business owner thinks about is creating a new website. In our industry, “Custom Websites” generate a lot of attention and there is a belief that custom is better. There certainly are benefits to a custom website, primarily being that they are unique to your brand and you can have precise control over the look and features of the website. One of the biggest drawbacks is the cost, typically ranging between $7,000 and $15,000. But more than that, most website design firms don’t specialize in marketing and fail to align the website design with the business objectives.

Once the custom website is built and published to the internet, the design agency’s job is done and you go your separate ways. Reality usually steps in a few months later as you realize your new customer stream has leveled off or dipped to what you had before the new website. This is the point where most business owners realize they need a marketing strategy. For most companies, this means hiring separate firms for paid advertising, offline marketing, search engine optimization, social media, etc. Such a fragmented approach quickly becomes challenging to manage and frustrating as you try to determine which marketing efforts are generating the best results.

The Ads Next Approach

Ads Next works with businesses all over North America and what every one of them needs is a way to attract new customers or patients and increase revenue. They also want to be able to track and measure their results. This led us to create our unique Performance Program for internet marketing. We have integrated all of the essential parts: website and marketing to focus on the results: new customer acquisition. Our model has proven to generate a 10X return on investment or 10 new patients a month for most of our clients.

What’s Missing From Your Marketing Strategy

Our base marketing program is robust with potential to add on additional services depending on your business goals. The most important thing we recommend to clients, whether they choose Ads Next or not, is to make sure that your marketing agency offers an all-in-one approach to simplify your marketing efforts, maximize your potential and help you see where you’re being most effective.

Ads Next rolls everything into one program including:

  • High-quality, responsive website unique to your brand
  • Optional photography and video services
  • Personalized content that is specific to your business and target market
  • Focus on Search Engine Optimization, Paid Advertising and Social Media
  • Tracked and recorded phone calls
  • Reporting dashboard
  • Marketing coach and review meetings

No matter how great your website looks, at the end of the day, it really boils down to whether or not you’re getting the results you want and need to thrive. Before you hire a marketing firm, reflect on your business objectives and then hire a company who can help you meet them.

By Brian Burns President of Ads Next

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