A Hot New Product For The Holidays

Responsive Website Design

The end of the year is quickly approaching and now is the perfect time to upgrade the functionality of your website for 2014.
Responsive Dental Website by Ads NextResponsive Design enables your website to seamlessly adapt to multiple screen sizes, ensuring your website visitors get the full experience regardless of the device they’re browsing on.

More than 30% of internet users say they mostly use their phone to browse the internet. As this population increases, Google and other search engines are placing more and more emphasis on user experience across a variety of platforms. A responsive website isn’t just a “cool technology”, it’s a marketing tool to ensure that you secure and maintain top rankings in the search engines.

Special End-of-Year Pricing: $750

Dont’ Miss Your Opportunity!
Ads Next has extended an invitation to a few select dentists and doctors to receive priority scheduling for a Responsive Website Upgrade. This one-time fee is for Ads Next to reformat your website design and code to adapt seamlessly to smart phone, tablets, laptops and large desktop monitors. Due to a significant demand, upgrades are limited.

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Contact Bill Mulcahy: 410.960.5217 or bmulcahy@adsnextwebsites.com.