Dental Websites

Ads Next has the experience and talent necessary to build a professional, effective website for a dental practice. We understand that a dental practice’s website is often the first thing a potential patient sees when searching for a new dentist, and we are able to effectively put together a website that acts as a marketing tool.

Marketing Through Web Presence

A professionally designed dental website is a powerful marketing tool in today’s business world. Dentists can attract patients by detailing information on a website and ranking high in searches for local dental practices.

Showcase Dentists

Potential patients often choose a dentist based on the credentials of the dentists on staff. A professionally built website can allow a practice to showcase the dentists on staff and go into detail about academic history, career highlights and even hobbies to help connect dentists to patients. Pictures of each staff member along with a short biography are an ideal way to attract new patients.

Special Procedures

Some dentists offer state-of-the-art procedures that are not widely available. These offerings set the practice apart and attract patients, but patients may not be aware of these special offerings if a dental practice does not have a professional website that outlines the procedures that are available. A website can also allow a dentist to list details about each procedure and note whether there are any dental problems that should take priority over others. If certain dental issues are considered dental emergencies, the dental practice can highlight this fact on a website.

Appointment Scheduling

Patients are more likely to choose a dentist if they are able to schedule appointments online rather than having to schedule an appointment on the phone. The reason for this is the convenience of online scheduling. Instead of having to be sure to call during office hours, patients can access the website and set up an appointment at any time. The form used for scheduling can include contact information so the practice can call the patient for confirmation of the appointment date and time.

Patient Testimonials

Many people prefer to frequent businesses that have solid reviews. Patients often search for reviews of dental practices and find that there is limited information available. Providing real patient testimony on a website allows potential patients to feel confident about the competence of the dental practice.

Ads Next offers comprehensive website packages that give a dental practice the option to choose exactly what it needs. We listen to clients and work with them to deliver exactly what they are looking for while providing guidance and ideas regarding the marketability of the website.

Not only do we provide website design, but we have experienced writers on staff to complete copy for dental practice websites. We also provide marketing services, hosting and email support. Contact Ads Next to discuss your dental website needs.

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