Ads Next™ is pleased to announce that the AACD show in Washington, DC was a success. The Dentists that stopped by the Ads Next booth were amazed at our client list which includes Dr. Trinkner, Dr. Cranham, Dr. Finlay and growing dentists such as Dr. Owens and Dr Warren. They were also very excited to learn about The Performance Program – a unique and refreshing alternative to expensive custom websites and underperforming template sites.

The Performance Program uses a combination of website and tracking software, services and ongoing activity that generate quality new patients. Evolve Cycle Marketing is another part of the performance program that introduces our clients to marketing services and coaching that is focused on ongoing campaign performance. The Performance Program is a proven web marketing system that reacts to what works and why!

“It was exciting to hear dentists agreeing with our Program approach” says Brian Burns President of Ads Next. Our team brought the same fundamental change to another large vertical market before starting Ads Next.

Why should dentists pay $10,000 to $20,000 for a website that will be outdated in 2 years or less. It makes more sense to put that money towards marketing your business and generating new patients. See our Design Gallery to view our high-quality designs. The key is that we balance our proven design components with client input to deliver a personalized design. We then integrate the design into our program for short, medium and long-term results.

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